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"We understand that remaining focused on the sport is paramount for drivers."

"In 2021, we established Select Motorsport Events to focus on private testing for teams and their drivers. With the sport growing, we began noticing an expansion in customer racing programs, bringing in new drivers every season. Recognizing the myriad of demands these clients face – from managing their training regiments and testing schedules to simply maintaining a life beyond the world of motorsport – we understand that remaining focused on the sport is paramount for drivers. Eliminating the obstacles that travel planning can present is crucial to a driver's success because, to put it simply, it's one less thing to worry about.


Each racing circuit in North America has its own unique characteristics and challenges. This understanding fuels our approach, and we have cultivated a wealth of knowledge on where to go, what to do, where to stay, and perhaps most crucially, where to avoid.


With almost 10 years of experience in motorsport hospitality and over 5 years of organizing logistics for teams across multiple series, we are committed to infusing our expertise into a venture focused on crafting luxury travel experiences for drivers."

Alexx Branam


Alexx Branam - Destinations By Select
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